About OnlinePriceGuide.co.uk
This website is an online shopping resource provided by Notionlogic Ltd and has been operating in various forms since October 2005. The information available here covers Home Electricals, Domestic Appliances, Computers and computing accessories and Mobile phones and accessories.

We gather product data from a wide range of online retailers via automated data feeds provided by Affiliate Window and AO.com . This information is stored in our own custom database and updated on a daily basis to ensure the price information is relevant at all times. Users of this website can browse through the product data by category, brand name or retailer.

This price comparison data is completely free for all users with no registration required. The cost of providing this service is covered by commission payments received from the online retailers as a result of sales to customers referred to them. This is paid by the retailer automatically and the price charged for the goods remains the same.